Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Take the time that is yours.

Coming back into the house after and almost three week long break, was a bit hard at first. Your never alone, ever. And it took me time to realize that my alone time, in particular with Jesus, is precious. It is worth so much more than I can even imagine. Without it, my life is in shambles. My mood is altered, which isn't fair to my roomates, and nothing seems to make sense. With it, I have a completely different life. Being able to pray, praise my God, and read the bible, gives me constant comfort, and peace. Everything makes sense, and everything has purpose. It is my time. I could spend it watching t.v., or getting a coffe with a friend, listening to music, or shopping. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of that, if my life has more worth to me living it when I'm walking with God, why would I choose any of that over Him? It is your time, so take it, and use it to grow closer with God.
I'm so thankful to be in a place, where the day is split up between learning more of God and the bible, and serving God. I'm one of the lucky ones, I think.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Character Building"

This is such an overused Christian term, or a "little christian in training". Silly skills like stacking chairs, and manning the lamest booth at the alternaive haloween festival for your church build your Christ like character...apparently. I on the other hand, while having done my fair share of all that, have decided to read the gospel of John like it was a training manuel. Why John? Most say it's the "devotional" gospel, since John was so close to Jesus, and because of this, I feel like you see more of Him. How He reacted, what He was up to, just fluff. In doing this, I have begun the arduous task of changing my thought pattern. I speak sarcasm fluently, and it sometimes gets me in trouble. It is very hard just turning off that switch. So here I am, in a chaotic circumstance, living with eight other people in a house, and trying to be more christ-like. I know what you're thinking, and no, I am not crazy. I am however, determined! So far, it's been a long, and slow journey. More often than not I find I am rebuking myself afterward, but hey I think I am firmly planted in Step 1..all I need to do is graduate onto Step 2, Acting out a bit of Jesus. We shall see....

Today was lots of fun, we went into a primary school for the first time, and performed our drama to the kids. It was hilarious, and I pray successful for His kingdom! Scrooge Practice has overtaken our entire week, and we will be performing next Friday evening... Once the set is done, and all the costumes are on I suspect it will be one of the hightlights of the semester! Until then, I'll just dance in my jeans and slip around the stage in my socks! :)

I need prayer for Africa. I cant wait to get there, and I know I will get there, but I need to make sure I can handel it finacially, plus check on visas etc... I pray it works out! I think that trip may reveal to me a bit more on God's calling to missions in my life. I cant beleive I 've oly been here a litle over 2 months now. Life is so different. My goals, and focus are completely changed. Which is a very good thing, otherwise I would consider this whole thing a waste. God still has another 7 months in this place to show me all He can, and I'm ready to see it!

Building way.  

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Shift.

Lovely.Loud.Crazy.Sleep deprived.Sometimes Lonely.Challenging.Beautiful.Happiness.

This is my XL life. I know that one day, I'll look back and think that God gave me an unimaginable adventure in growing closer to Him. Heck, I think that now! The past week or so, God has been challenging me on my dedication to Him. What will I do only for Him? Things, like my morning devotions, lectures, and coporate church time doesn't count. It's how I spend my time the rest of the day. Sometimes I feel so busy, that there isn't even enough time in the day to breathe, let alone find a quiet place, and just pray, sing, or read my bible in an attempt to hear God's voice. But then I stop, look back and realize what I did have time for that day...
-go online (for any amount f time)
-hang with roomies (doing absolutely nothing)
{Even though I love them, and our nothing is usually the best times}
-make-up, nails, facials, etc... (goes on the list cause I actually do it alot!)

So here I am. In a place where I  told everyone back home I always wanted to be. No job, or "everyday responsibility" to take my time, No life getting in the way. Just me and God. And how excited I was to be able to offer Him more of me! But am I? I would say partly yes, and partly no. You can always try harder! So that is my goal... to always try harder. I will sek His presence, and there I will find rest; in my soul, in my spirit, and in my mind.  I love it.

I pray, I always crave my God, over anything else in this world.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

1 Down, 8 to go...

Today marks my 1 month living in England. Its literally been a whirlwind. It definetly doesn't feel like 30 days, but thats a good thing right? I mean, who wants this experience to fly by? Since I've been here I hve finished two books, memorized pretty much all the books of the bible, though i'm pretty sure I will forget them soon if not already. I have seen a real true blue castle, heard people speak Welsh, and realize that it is the funniest sounding language in the world. I have, unbeknownst to me sworn in every way possible to the British people here, but in my defense they have very odd words they consider swear words and we dont, for example: fanny. I have been stretched spiritually, mentally and emotionally. God has completely overwhelmed me, and amazed far more than I ever thought He would. Not saying I dont think He could, just saying I didn't think He would waste His time on me. I cant wait to begin our missions, and am so excited to get into the school system, and wherever else God may want me. I have treasured hunted, prayed over, and loved on the local people here, much more than I normally would. All in all, the reason I came was to grow. To push myself for God's Kingdom, and to Obey My God. One month down, only eight to go. Lets see what else He has up His sleeve.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lifted up

This place in the span of less than 3 weeks has challenged me in such a positive way. How lucky am I to be able to study God's word, and for my relationship with Him to be my sole focus for a year. He is in everything I do. Washing dishes, in lectures and books we read, He is in the very air I breathe, and I still cant et enough of Him. I have a feeling I'll suffer withdrawl symptoms once this program is over. Whew... just thinking of it is making me have cold sweats! Just kidding! But I am blessed to be here! Even though its already more cold than I can stand, and we haven't gotten into winter yet. I feel very at home, and am starting to learn how htey operate around here.
I came here with solid goals, and focus. Which is god, dont get me wrong, but it's all a fognow. It's like God said you will fullfill MY goals,your focus will be ME. And now this is my daily task.... Find more of God than you did yesterday, try harder, feel more, grow deeper in your relationship with Him, love harder, and get up and do something for His kingdom. As you can guess, I've been kind of busy with that. God has lifted me up! Everytime I think I cant possibly get cloer or love Him more, He breaks me down, and I love Him witha furosity I never knew I had... Gota love Him, clever fella.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tea as a way of life.

Crazy life I'm living here at the Foundry. I'm constantly busy with teachings, reading, journals, and prayer.
God is so strong in our house! My roomies are all great! They are all different and we each bring our own things to the table...God is our common factor.
I'm learning lots, having several reading assignments, and am constantly in some new ministry! Did I mention that were only on day 3?
I drink tea 4 to 5 times a day, and love it ith milk in it! :) I'm not good even faking the accent....
All in all, God is great and He is taking me on an adventure I cant even begin to imagine...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Taking Flight!

After an amazing time with Rebekah and Hollie driving to Miami, we parted ways and I began my journey.
I left Miami International at 8:45pm, and had an awkward, and uncomfortable flight with an older fella next to me that didn't smell the greatest... but God kept me safe, and the flight wasn't as long as I thought it would be.
I had a five and a half hour layover in London and basically slept in a row of chairs the whole time.
So far the food ain't the best... guess the rumors were true :/
Tomorrow the rest of the house gets here and i'll meet my roomate, and all my house mates! Then were going to a BBQ... wonder what Brits think is BBQ? lol!
All in all, I'm excited for whatever God has for me here! Its already cold, and now I'm the one with the funny accent.... but my God is good, and He definety has something special for me!